Project 3 GOW at GNM
Feb 19 – April 1 2011

Shannon Clegg

Out of Site

Shannon’s latest body of work is a collection of mixed media objects revealing experiences of the surrounding landscape – Newcastle upon Tyne. She has sifted through dusty building sites and explored roadside verges collecting materials and observing the effects of redevelopment on the surrounding landscape. Her conclusions are eloquently expressed using non-traditional materials like sand or brush bristles. These are used in combination with forms that reference the way in which we have come to view nature as something to be conquered and displayed; objects such as hunting trophies, where nature is reduced to mere aesthetic object, leaving it barren, still and subdued. This work forms part of the ongoing debate over humanity's relationship to nature using processes of craft in new and unexpected ways.

Shannon is a mixed media artist originally from South Africa. Since graduating in 2007 in the UK she has received an Arts Council award as well as support from the Crafts Council’s Next Move Scheme. She is currently artist in resident at The Gallery of Wonder in Newcastle University’s Fine Art Department where she is exploring the creative potential of the original research material used to establish the gallery in relation to her own practice. She has a broad experience of exhibiting, working to commission and teaching.










Stagg head

Detail glass

Steel shavings and glassceramic and dst

Cabinet in museum