Project 10 GOW
March 6th – 1st April 2011

Deirdre Nelson and Dawn Youll

In Silhouette

The collaboration between Dawn Youll and Deirdre Nelson is based on a mutual interest in the narrative possibilities of each chosen craft mediums: textiles and ceramics. Over a period of 6 months there has been an exchange of ideas building up a body of visual research and inspirations relating to the many stories embedded in domestic objects. This has offered an opportunity to bring together individual practices in the creation of forms where ceramics and textiles meet. Notions of domestic service, superstition and traditions have influenced the making of the curious set of objects which question the relationship between materials in a domestic setting. The work does not refer directly to a story but instead leaves the viewer fishing for clues as to its’ narrative.

Silhouettes of semi-familiar forms allow the viewer to question preconceptions of both ceramics and textiles provoking enquiry and wonder as to their function and scale. Textiles become part of the ceramics. A bell form, with stitched soft damask, is rendered functionless and quiet and sealed urn-like forms are edged with fine detailed embroidered frills. A small plastic vessel stitched with silk is tied to a tall cone like form and mixes both materials and scale evoking curiosity into its own unique narrative. A pvc doyley plays with preconceived notions of materials within a traditional domestic setting. The resulting works although familiar evoke a sense of curiosity and wonder.


Since graduating from Glasgow School of Art in 1992, Deirdre Nelson has pursued a parallel career in creating work for exhibition and commission and in working as a tutor to various groups. Hand skills are used in the work in a humorous commentary on social and textile history within the contemporary gallery and museum. Her textile work employs a variety of techniques and materials fusing traditional textile skills and contemporary reinterpretation through photography and digital manipulation. She has been artist in residence in a variety of locations from the Outer Hebrides to Western Australia creating work for exhibition and with local communities.

Dawn Youll is a graduate of Glasgow School of Art and Cardiff School of Art & Design. Her ceramic practice centres on the exploration of a personal landscape, and uses form, colour, surface and arrangement to engage with the viewer. She is currently represented by Marsden Woo Gallery, London and she has recently represented the UK Crafts Council at the ‘Ceramics – New Generations’ exhibition in Paris, and the UK at the ‘European Ceramics Context’ exhibition in Bonholm, Denmark.





Ceranic and stitching

TRee and cows ceramic